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Karela - Fresh Bitter Gourd - 1 Kg


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Suitable for spring-summer and rainy season. Fruits are dark green, long medium thick, club shaped with 7-8 continuous ridges. They are edible in 55 days from sowing, 8-10 fruits weigh one kg. 2. Fruits are long, tender, white in colour and suitable as a rainy season crop.


Besides, a 100g serving of bitter gourd contains just 17 calories making it a great option for fitness enthusiasts. Improves immunity: Karela is an extremely rich source of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity. It also has powerful antiviral property, which stimulates the immune system and also aids in digestion.

More Information

All parts of the plant, including the fruit/vegetable, are bitter due to the presence of a compound called momordicin. The fruit/vegetable is known as "karela" in India, and as "bitter gourd" or "bitter squash" in many other countries. ... And finally - MANY medicinal benefits are attributed to this fruit.

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